Classic Maserati Interior

Our procedure

When you contact us by phone or e-mail most of the time we will ask you to visit us in person. Depending on your specific wishes, the works to be carried-out are often too complex to be discussed over the phone. In a personal and open communication we could serve you the best.

Renovating is a custom tailored job

If possible, you visit us in your car at Cabrio-Partner so we can get a good impression of the needed and wanted proceedings. If the car is unable to drive, send us a photo and we can give you an estimation of the costs. It is possible that after the proceedings the costs will be lower than expected. Due to the fact that we we’re not able to see the car during the preliminary estimation, we always use the “worst case scenario’ to prevent an unpleasant surprise.

Strict time management

We work by strict time management. This means that during our conversation we record the start- and end date. Of course an unintentional delay is always possible. For example due to the fact that the suspension packages must be renovated or renewed. For that we have to rely on a 3rd party works. Of course we’ll inform you about this. In case of other unexpected repairs, we will always contact you in advance. We like a clear and transparent way of working. A philosophy we also use on the cars we work on; Maserati Benz!